Sunday, 14 October 2018

Help needed in writing French posts at Amis des chats

Les Amis des chats is a cat charity in the area we support.
Lenny came to our frip when we had a morning raising money for them to help sterilise cats. I am sure there is another cat lover out there whose French is good enough to write posts in English and French.
If you would like to help cats and Lenny let me know. I have added a picture of the adorable young girl that needs a knee.

Hi Val
I know you know a lot of people and that is my question. The lady who runs the post Stray cats for Les amis des chats is ill and probably will not return, so we are looking for someone to replace her. It is not necessary to live here in the neighborhood because everything goes by email or post, someone who is organized, speaks and writes in French. Maybe you know someone?