Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Visiting the Capitole

Meeting family from the Uk and my boy family staying in the centre of Toulouse. Our boys speak
French and have jobs; we met up when they finished work.
Never tell me refugees do not integrate. My boys all prove it is not true

What a delight we found in the Mairie of Toulouse which fronts the Place Capitole. The salle des illustres was simply stunning.
 As I said to Sam our daughter, “ how can we have lived here for nearly 18 years and have never been here.
The great stairway Jean Paul Laurens celebrates the Toulouse myth of the seven troubadours.
The salle Gervais saw great artists adorn the state rooms
The room decorated to celebrate weddings is decorated with paintings by Paul Gervais1859- 1944
The favourite salle Henri - Martin has two cycles on one wall pictures of the countryside and the opposite wall pictures of Toulouse. There is also a cycle of the four seasons.
“La salle des illustres” is wonderful too where 20 Toulouse painters develop episodes of Toulouse life.
Malc will love this so next time we go we will stay in the Place Capitole at the Hotel Ibis Styles, eat at the restaurant Le Bibent in the Place Capitole and definitely spend time in the town hall