Monday, 8 October 2018

The love story of the "poilu", Varen and Macron

A frequent contributor to our pages is Nadyne Vern Frouillou, long time inhabitant of Verfeil sur Seye and passionate for local history and especially the language and culture Occitan. She knew that her grandmother had been engaged to a Varenois poet called Angely Andrieu, but following the break-up of the relationship he went off to the "great war". Whilst stationed in Amiens he met Berthe Macron to whom he became engaged to marry but was sadly killed at Verdun just days prior to the wedding.
Nadyne and her collaborator Marie-Ange Gacherieu, whose grandmother was the father of Angely, have pieced together the letters and poems that he sent to his sister from the trenches. These emotional works are to be published in a book appearing next Monday (15th October) and presented at the Abbaye de Beaulieu on 18th October, together with a performance from Marie-Ange's musical presentation "Terra Maire", dedicated to her grandmother. A further presentation and performance will be part of the Armistice Day commemorations in Varen on 11th November.
Berthe Macron is a member of the President's ancestors, she being a cousin of Emmanuel Macron's grandfather. Although invited to attend the ceremonies it is thought the President may have other duties.
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