Tuesday, 2 October 2018

A message from Hans re French TV changes

Today I got a paper in my letterbox telling me that there will be a change in the frequencies for the TNT reception (French channels, received with an aerial – rateau) on the 6th November 2018. This change doesn’t apply to people who have the French channels via Internet or via satellite.

I did some checking on this and it appears that most of the people in the area are not affected. The main transmitters on Pic-du-Midi and Toulouse have changed already a year ago and most of the people in this area are using these transmitters. The local transmitters of St Antonin Noble Val and Caylus also have been changed already. But who then are affected?

The change applies to people who are using the local transmitters of Lexos and Laguépie (called Varen1 and Varen2). And also to those who are using the transmitters of Carcassonne, Cordes sur Ciel and Albi.

So what to do if you suddenly are missing some of the French TV channels on your TV on the 6th November? Just do a new search for the French TV channels on your TV. And probably after that you will find everything back as it was before.