Sunday, 7 October 2018

But they cannot bear these new inhabitants

In the same part of the Pyrenees from which the two hunters escaped the mad cow, their colleagues were yesterday embarking on a "battue" to frighten away two bears which were released into the region last week. Fiercely opposed to the re-introduction of wild life species such as bears and wolves, the shepherds and hunters set out to try to chase the bears who were released last week into high mountain areas. Both females, the Slovenian bears are thought to be pregnant and join a population of 43 ursine residents in the mountains.
The protesters hope to chase the bears into Spain where there is apparently less pasturing of sheep and fewer attacks on flocks by bears and wolves. A local mayor insisted that the groups were not organising an illegal hunt and that many were just out for a walk in the mountains and were unlikely to see a bear in any case.