Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Nous sommes le mardi quatre juillet

The sun is out again and the forecast is good. We have young kestrels flying around the fields and trees,  it is a joy to hear their cries. 
We have 3 pigs grazing the grass ( photo  later) 
We have four happy donkeys.
We have four young men helping me pick up furniture, some to be sold, the rest to be used as the lads get asylum and set out on their own in small apartments. We have 7 boys from Bruniquel who have already gained asylum and with our first boys, eleven have now got the rights to stay.
Talking to a lady yesterday at the book swap her great grandfather was a Jewish refugee in the UK. He was very intelligent but never had the chance of education because of his displacement, he became a tailor. His son became a lawyer and the Mayor of Hull and his son also became a very well known and respected lawyer. All because they were given a  chance... and that is what we are doing withour boys, giving them a chance. 
So along with the French government, you and I are making a difference.