Saturday, 22 July 2017

Nous sommes le samedi vingt deux juillet

rGood morning Val and Malcolm

My name is Martin Dear, we met briefly at the restaurant in Verfeil a couple of days ago 
My brother in law who lives in Bruniquel has a site like you that is used by kestrels to raise a brood of chicks each year.
This year three fledglings successfully left the nesting site but he found one of them ten days later with an apparent broken wing. We managed to catch her and took her to the vet who x-rayed the wing and said it was not broken but probably sprained. He was advised to keep her in confinement and feed her raw chicken until the wing repaired.
Three days on we now have her as he is away for a few days but I am not very happy about keeping her in a cat box.
Do you by any chance know of a kestrel rescue society or the equivalent of the RSPB in the local area?
I am concerned that she will get weaker and weaker and then die if she is not looked after by someone with knowledge and experience
Any help very much appreciated
Kind regards
Val says we have recommended that Martin contacts the LPO representative in Le Riols,French speaking  Regis. If anyone has any other ideas let us know. Such beautiful birds kestrels
Hi Val
There is a wild animal refuge in Millau, that I used  for a young buzzard, they have local collection points.
i hope these numbers are still valid as it was some time ago I used them.
Jo x