Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Where did they get the masons?

Villagers in a Pyrenean commune near Tarbes decided that the decision of the prefecture to use an abandoned hotel  to house up to 80 migrants was not to their liking. So, with all the necessary permits, they rented land through which the hotel entrance was reached and closed it off by building an 18 metre long wall. Now the prefecture will need to apply for a right of passage across the land (and through the wall) in order to carry out their plan.
Not, you understand, that the villagers are opposed to migrants being re-settled, just that this is the wrong place and they think the hotel should not be closed.
The local maire has facilitated the action by approving the "permit de construire" in 24 hours. The group of villagers built the wall in one night. And we bet the refugees paid for it. (Trump take note).
Clearly those of us who have ever envisaged getting planning permission, finding a willing builder to do the work in the following six months and seeing it finished on time can only marvel at this commune's efficient mairie and artisans.
How did they do it?
They knocked it down the next day - but the publicity was hat they wanted, even if it did backfire.
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