Wednesday, 26 July 2017

A "mad deer" killed

In the Dordogne village of Augignac several people were attacked by a chevreuil (deer), including one woman who had to be taken to hospital with wounds to her legs and back.Villagers report coming face to face with the animal, which seemed calm and even posed for photos, but as soon as they turned their back it attacked them with its horns.
The head of the local chasse got permission to shoot it out of season and after spending a morning tracking it finally managed to kill it.
He thought the reason for its behaviour could have been that it is the rutting season making it over-excited or possibly it was intoxicated after eating too much "la bourdaine" (we cannot find a translation for this - anybody know?).
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Readers reply:

Hello Val,
I think Bourdaine, also known as 'Frangula alnus' or 'Rhamnus frangula' is alder buckthorn.
All the best,

Dear Val,
My 'Collins Robert' dictionary translates La Bourdaine as  : - alder buckthorn.
Unfortunately I have no idea what it is or what it looks like !!

Thank you all; should have used our reference books not the internet! Though there are pictures on Google and apparently the bark is a laxative and can be poisonous.