Monday, 31 July 2017

Nous sommes le lundi trente et un juillet

This is happening in the Alpes Maritime. Young men are being arrested and sent back to Italy where they were fingerprinted. This is the Dublin convention. Here this young man and others like him have been in France for some months, they are being targeted and sent back without recourse to an advocate.
In Italy they are swamped with migrants from Africa,what hope for these young men?
A guy called Cedric Herrou is doing what he can against the odds to help them. A brave guy who appreciates we are all human and some of us need help.
I look at that photo of the guy being arrested and want everyone just to listen to his painful story.
 Then consider if this was the sort of treatment we should be handing out.
I knew nothing of refugees two years ago but now feel I know enough to say to everyone, " please help them"
They have the right to an asylum interview where ever they feel safe and for some at the moment that is France.
One said to me " you stop running when you feel safe"
Please Emmanuel Macron make these young people safe.