Saturday, 29 July 2017

Nous sommes le samedi vingt neuf juillet

Safely home
After a very late night last night picking up boys from the Varen disco at 2 am, we planned a leisurely "rise and shine" or rise anyway.
The dogs were going mad barking in the courtyard and Malc and I discussed " why do they do this when we are tired?"
 Then our neighbour came banging on the front door to tell us we had a donkey on the loose.
Dashing out I found Coco the young male had come home. He had even let himself into the usual field and was standing in the stable. But the others were not happy and also wanted to come home. So mid breakfast I went and put on licols and walked three home. 
Now safely here with new grass, grown in the last few weeks for them.
With a full programme ahead of us, not much time for TAG today me thinks.