Sunday, 23 July 2017

If you go down in the woods...

A motorist on a country road in the Pyrenees was surprised to see a bear loping along in front of him. His passenger filmed the animal for about 16 seconds as it ran ahead of them. The park authorities reckon that the bear was known as Goiat, one of the several bears reintroduced into the mountains in recent years.
A screen print of the bear.
One group of residents who are not happy about the introduction of these predators are the local shepherds. Bears will kill the brebis, but a more serious incident happened when 209 sheep from a flock were killed when they ran off a cliff trying to escape. Experts from the agriculture department confirmed that there had indeed been a bear in pursuit, allowing the farmer to be paid compensation. Many other sheep from the flock are still missing in the countryside.
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