Sunday, 23 July 2017

Nous sommes le dimanche vingt trois juillet

Some go to the marché at St. Antonin, some go to the marché at Laguepie today.
In the summer we tend to frequent Varen marché on Saturday and Laguepie on Sunday. Today on our list is an Italian product we can buy on the cheese stall " buffalo mozzarella" from an area South of Rome. It is the "real mccoy " Basil, sweet juicy tomatoes, fresh French baguette and the mozzarella, there is our lunch.

After buying we notice on the packaging the milk from the cows is from Calabria but the cheese is made in the Lombardy region.
As some one commented " a little olive oil and a smidge of balsamic
vinegar" on tomatoes and of course they are right.
We do love French cheeses and we did buy  a chunk of Cantal as well.