Saturday, 22 July 2017

Bad judgement at Easyjet

There have been plenty of stories of airlines overbooking recently and making a passenger get off. But to eject a 15 year old travelling alone to visit grandparents from the flight to Toulouse from Gatwick seems ridiculous.

The boy was taken from the flight and returned to Departures, from where his mother had already set off home. Eventually the young man arrived at Blagnac on a later flight, but arriving after midnight, with still a long trip by car to the grandparents' home.
The airline is suitably apologetic and has "opened an enquiry". A spokesperson said that on average they had 5 "no shows" per flight and so it does over-book. But to leave a child alone at a huge airport surely shows a complete lack of judgement. We hope young Mister Read has a good holiday regardless.
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