Sunday, 23 July 2017

Two of our boys

Two good reasons why Malc and I love helping our boys. 
Abubacar from Guinea, just 18 years old. He speaks French and English and is here on his own, all family left behind. He has been moved to another centre further away but in a few short weeks he has a Mama Val ( grandma) an Uncle Bertrand and a sister Esma. 
Mosab the taller boy is a graduate in IT from Sudan, his stories can make you cry, they make him cry. He is however the funniest sweetest person and will have a great life here and he will overcome.
These boys who have just met show how they care for each other and if the rest of the world only cared as much it would be a better place.
How can you help? give them love wherever you see them.... 
and Mosab who has no government money yet would not mind 10 euros for papers, tips and roll your own tobacco!! It is a crutch.