Sunday, 9 July 2017

Elise Johnston, a tribute to a talented artist craftswoman

Many of you in the Tarn will know of Robin and Elise Johnston from the Tarn. Sadly Elise died a couple of years ago now and Robin felt he wanted a fitting tribute to such a wonderfully talented lady.
Elise lead an interesting and adventurous life embracing all kinds of people and places. Her arts and crafts which she put to good effect wherever they were living, have been gathered together in a book compiled by Robin. There are many pictures of her murals in mosaic in Nigeria where she lived for many years.
Text is by Robin Johnston with appreciation and commentary by Pat Oyelola.
We have a copy and it is really beautiful book if you love art and in fact the documentary of Elise's life in art fascinated both Malc and I.
Robin has copies for sale for 20 euros where the money raised will go to the charity " Child Life Line" which Elise supported
To contact Robin I have given his email address