Thursday, 27 July 2017

Il y a des Anglais partout, partout

I had a couple of hours to pass in St. Antonin waiting for a friend, Malc had gone to a funeral in Montauban, so I was on my own, a very unusual occurence. As it was lunch time I thought I would ask Entre Deux who on Friday lunch do fish and chips( and mushy peas!) if they could make an exception and make me fish and chips on a Thursday.
I was in heaven, I could have been in the streets at Whitby if there had been the smell of the sea and about the only French person who went past talking on her phone said in horror " il y a des anglais, partout, partout."
Many English friends went past and one said " but you surely want to eat something French" No I bloody did not, I love French food but the chance of stepping back in time and eating fish and chips with salt and  vinegar was not to be missed.
 Can you still get them in newspaper I wonder?
The pictures speak for themselves.