Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Jan from liberte des anes touched by the death of a foal

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Hello everyone

Far too busy here and too hot to think about a lunch, sorry, if anyone has visitors who would like to visit the donkeys then please contact me and ill find a good time for us both, in the meantime ......

yesterday and today onwards will be exceptionally busy !  4 months ago I helped a Spanish charity by taking in their 3 donkeys.  They all arrived pretty skinny from their last foster home, so to our surprise yesterday a tiny foal was born.  We've been feeding her hourly during the day, less often last night, as she still cant get up alone. We desperately hope shell survive, I'm milking her mother and feeding her with a teat which fits really well onto a Schweppes plastic tonic bottle !  I'll try to send you photos (or look at the liberte des anes facebook page) sorry for the poor quality !  The photo of her laying down if just after a good feed.  She can walk around but only if we help her to stand, OMG! Will she survive ?   

Is there anyone local to us who could babysit her for an hour or two over the next week or so whilst I walk the dogs and do my other donkey jobs.  I don't want her to try to get up and hurt herself whilst I'm not there !

Thanks, happy summer ......

Jan xx
Val says   we have just had the sad news that even after the best treatment from a local vet the foal died as it was too premature. Jan is devastated as you can imagine. She will bounce back as she has many donkeys including the foals mother needing her attention.