Monday, 3 July 2017

Fancy meeting you after all these years.

Two ladies who were the forerunners of the British community here, met again after many years both in their time in France slightly moving their location.
The book swap is a great place to meet people as well as finding English language reading material.
Both ladies are avid TAG readers, one coming all the way from Villeneuve for some ordered novels.
We also had Wendy and Judith promoting the book compiled by the FIFI ladies as a tribute to the late Doreen Porter. All monies going to charity. I think they did well and if you want a book contact the Fifi ladies now as there are only a few copies left.
For me I had a great success with the books donated by a local couple who left today after having a holiday home near to us, after 19 years. They will be pleased to hear on reading this that so far we have taken over a hundred euros on the books. We sold some collections on TAG and today books were flying out at one euro each one.
Thank you also to those who just made a donation
We still have piles of books that will be winging their way to Su Glibbery at Poorpaws who has a big book sale planned where the money raised goes to Cancer Research and rehoming dogs.
A big thank you to John Dawson who had yet another person signing up and paying for the wonderful local photos.
A lovely lady made yet another donation to the boys.

This saddened me a little when someone who spoke to the boys in Verfeil yesterday told me  someone had said" I do not like you, I do not like black people" The boy replied
" I am black but my heart is white!"

Great morning, thanks everyone