Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Nous sommes le mardi deux mai

A bit damp in the fields and gardens so a lot of damp smelling pets around the place.. the smell of wet  dog in every room, as they follow us about.
I am worried today about the forth coming elections.
Melenchon who was fourth in the first round  and did exceptionally well for him, has refused to say who to vote for and even though he does not advocate voting for Le Pen, he does not, like Fillon and Hamon, say vote for Macron. So we possibly have many of his supporters abstaining or voting "blanc", putting a blank vote in the box.
Macron is holding up remarkably well to the attacks from Le Pen but nothing is assured as we know from Brexit and the " terrible Trump" fiasco.
France must try and fight off the threat of Le Pen and her ultra right wing cronies, for the French, and for all us immigrants here.
We will no longer be European and I doubt Le Pen will value our rights, France for the French being her slogan.
I will cheer myself up by going to see how our new boys are settling in. It takes a week or two for them to enjoy some proper sleep, not being frozen sleeping on the streets of Paris, having proper meals and feeling safe.
There I have cheered myself up already thinking of helping these lovely lads.
Last night I received messages from them on facebook which is a good way to learn names, seeing their picture next to a name.
Enjoy your day everyone.