Monday, 1 May 2017

Another good book swap

Super book swap, lots of books, lots of people and John Dawson did a very good trade on selling the St.Antonin pictures to raise money for the young refugees. Two people who could not make the swap are still interested in the power point presentation, so more money to come.
Paul Jack invited Malc, John and I to he and his partner Mark's lovely bed and breakfast in the main street in St. Antonin, "Maison Belmont" . We were delighted to see some of the pictures he had downloaded and had framed a number in each bedroom. Fascinating pictures, I love local history.
Lots of toiletries delivered, two pair of useful looking boots/ shoes, towels, pillows, a good haul.
On the book front I am always amazed how we find lovely new books every time and even though I have books here still to read, I cannot resist.
Once again thanks to Paul and Mark for storing the books for us each month. It is a big help.