Thursday, 4 May 2017

A look behind the scenes

The Toulouse Theatre du Capitole is open to the public on 6th and 7th May (ie next weekend) from 11h - 19h as part of the "Tous a l'opera" campaign.
As well as watching rehearsals and seeing how the opera house prepares a production there will be discussions and exhibitions. The idea is to bring the opera and ballet to a wider public rather than the elitist image they possess at present.
24 opera houses throughout France will take part and France 3 TV will broadcast a ballet "La Reine Morte" by Kader Belabi, the director of Toulouse Opera, and a documentary showing how children can become involved, recorded at the Montpellier opera.
However, the programmes will be broadcast at midnight on Saturday, not quite so inclusive one might think.
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