Sunday, 7 May 2017

It was not a movie, it was people and their lives

It was not a movie it was people and their lives.

I went to Verfeil this morning to take a car full of boys to the market.
There I sat and talked to a distraught young Afghan.
He explained his family lived right next to the border with Pakistan and he had heard on his news that there was shelling along the border and the news was talking about an area very close to his house.
He was trying to get in touch with family and suddenly he got through to his brother.
A mortar shell had hit the family home and destroyed it totally, the family had get out just minutes before. At that time they were all safe but with graphic video we were at the scene and could hear the constant shots
from the Pakistani Taliban, smoke and the ruined house filled the screen.
Then we lost the line, frantically the lad kept trying to get back in touch. Eventually he did and we could see the Afghan army arriving amidst a barrage of gun fire, then the link was lost again.
By this time the lad was shaking and I was in floods of tears. The boys getting up went to offer sympathy before the three takers for the market and I left.
We had a nice time at the market with me enjoying buying the boys a few second hand clothes at the vide dressing. Did a bit of " girl watching " whilst we had our coffees then I took them back.
Tonight we are hoping to get the group to " bal sur le halle" at Caylus and I will let you know the news from the young man about his family and if they are still alive and where they will go.

It has left me shaken and I can only imagine  how that poor young man must be feeling.
Val says again, we do not realise how lucky we have been with our lives and yet another example why when we can help someone we should, " there but for the grace of God "
Macron you have to win
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