Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Vanmania at Vaissac (T&G)

When friends asked this young couple if they could convert their van into a "camping car" it spawned a whole new enterprise. They had their own VW camper that had served them on trips to the beaches in France and north Africa and friends were envious of the concept of the small but practical holiday home.
Designing modular furniture which can be installed (and removed) in a matter of minutes meant the family could quickly and cheaply convert the traditional white van into a smart camper. They undertake all the work themselves, adapting the electrics to provide mains and battery power to the fridge and cooker, cutting and assembling the modules, even sewing the fabric seat covers and curtains. Based at Vaissac in Tarn and Garonne and with prices from about 4000 euros, the small business has boomed and its order book is full.
Easily moved modular furniture. Photo France 3