Wednesday, 30 August 2017

I write TAG every day and daily know it is worthwhile.

Dear Val 
  A few months ago her friends in NZ were devastated to hear that our friend Brenda had been diagnosed with very invasive cancer.   Brenda was living in Paris and her husband was working between Paris and Houston USA   Brenda felt very isolated and part of her wanted to return to NZ.   I remembered several notes you had written regarding cancer support and as a result of those we contacted Cancer Support in Paris.   Enter Patsy from USA who visited . sat with Brenda, translated for her and generally became her angel.   Brenda is amazed at the medical care she has received but feels that the support of Patsy through Cancer Support is top of the list and loves to tell Patsy it came from Tagonlines via NZ.   Once again Val you are a remarkable lady and conduit.    Kia Ora from NZ   
  Love Ann
Val says I am so touched by this news from our TAG friend in NZ Ann
I wish Brenda the very, very best and thank Cancer Support for their work here in France.
What an amazing way to find Cancer Support.