Friday, 18 August 2017

A follow up to my Honda story

Hi Val:   
Did you see this car in Salles?  If so, I have a further thread to the story! 
about 8 years ago I was re-renovating my house in Cordes (after a major fire) and had hired an English guy to do some tiling...who was also a friend (at the time)....I lent him 450 euros to buy the car ....he drove it for about 3 weeks, hit something and also didn't replace the oil...brought it to the garage in Salles and of course couldn't pay for the repairs...
he never paid me back and for 8 years when I drive to Carmaux I have to pass it, gritting my teeth!

I would be surprised if it wasn't the same car...I've never seen another one like it...if it isn't, oh well...

Val said what a sad end for my car and a rotten thing to happen to Carolyn.