Friday, 25 August 2017

Which clinics and hospitals are best?

Each year the magazine Le Point publishes its list of the best hospitals and clinics in France, together with their classification of various disciplines. Yesterday's issue had this year's league tables.
The CHU at Toulouse is the second best hospital in the country, having gained one place, though never out of the top three in the last 10 years. For the private clinics in the area all top three are in the Toulouse area: Clinique L'Union is the 6th best in France, then Clinique des Cedres and next Clinique Pasteur. Each of these has particular specialisms, though often offer other treatments as well.
When the editor was treated for her Dupuytrens problem at L'Union some years ago it was noticeable that the consultant's waiting room had several copies of Le Point which by chance placed the "lower arm" department as best in the country (and perhaps justifying a significant depassement d'honoraires). 
For a full breakdown get a copy of Le Point.
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