Sunday, 20 August 2017

Jousting in Sete; regatta in Varen

Currently in the Mediterranean port of Sete the 2017 edition of the famous "jousts" is under way until Tuesday 22nd August. Each year teams of "jouteurs" take to the water in gondola style boats and try to dislodge the opponents' cox.
This year the honorary president is veteran film maker Agnes Varda who is distinguished by her two-tone pudding bowl hair style. So the poster for the event, designed by artist Christophe Vallaux reflects her participation (with her approval it seems).
Poster by Christophe Vallaux
Our own local maritime event, the famous Varenley Regatta has its 14th edition next Wednesday, 23rd August. Hosted by famous local farmer Mimi Scragg it will be just as much fun and no deliberate ramming allowed, even if the odd (very odd..) crew may end up swimming. Life jackets supplied. Perhaps all crews should have a Mimi hairstyle?
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