Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Service is more than answering the phone

We commented below about the importance of responding to clients' demands. But at the market in Laguepie this morning we experienced a different form of service: indifference. The usual greengrocers were taking a well deserved holiday ( in fact many local businesses seemed to have closed as soon as the rentrée was in sight).
So there were local growers offering their produce - probably organic and better tasting. But as we piled up the courgettes, onions, tomatoes, aubergines and potatoes we were surprised that the seller (owner of the business) took absolutely no notice of us. Everything weighed, bagged and paid for as she continued to talk to another customer (French, no doubt). No bonne journee, no merci M Mme, no smile.
We have come across such indifferent service from other local producers; one can only assume that our business is of no consequence to them. Then they complain that we buy from the supermarkets, where the service can be just as surly - but the produce is cheaper. Thank goodness there are many lovely helpful servers.
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