Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Young, old, black and white, happy together

What a busy day I have had today. I met the most delightful lady from St. Antonin who came to Varen to bring pots of jam for the refugees. Note the jam in the picture.
I took the jam and shared it with the young villagers of the commune of Verfeil who do so much for our boys. Then I distributed the jam around all the boys.
We sold our cement mixer this morning and offered for a fee to deliver it. When Malc arrived at the house they gave him gold in the form of a super bike.The boys were delighted as they have been cycling miles around the area and another bike was needed.
We had a delivery back of tent, table and fridge that we had out on loan to young refugees from the Tarn. They gave the donkeys apples and took away a bag of plums.
I sorted out a pile of clothes too big for the boys to go to the Parisot Friperie, then I sorted out boxes to 
go in to store at the garage in Varen( tomorrows job to take them)
I replied to a few ladies who told me that they had been bullied on facebook and I realised facebook bullying was a real problem for women. Imagine what it must be like for children.
Overall a good productive day and the photo of a young couple in love and at the start possibly of something " big" makes me so happy.
Long live LOVE, it makes the world go around.