Thursday, 24 August 2017

Hitchhikers' guide to Rezopouce

You may have noticed little green notices springing up in various local towns and villages. Featuring a green car design with a thumb icon the notices say "Arret" - giving the idea that it is a bus or taxi stop. But in fact it is a meeting place for hitchhikers who have signed up to Rezopouce, a network designed to enable people to make short journeys. In a rural area without much public transport one often sees people seeking lifts and this scheme helps allay worries by having passengers and willing drivers sign up to an internet site. The scheme is free, but communes taking part pay a subscription to Rezopouce.
Hitchhikers (called autostoppeurs in French) receive cards with the logo and can add their destination. Unlike Blabla car and other car sharing sites no payment is involved, so is more suitable for short distances.