Friday, 25 August 2017

Difficult weekend on the roads

This is the last weekend of the summer holidays and Bison Fute, the body charged with monitoring traffic levels has warned that this afternoon and evening, plus all day tomorrow (Saturday) will see heavy volumes of vehicles. Most of the traffic is heading home, so queues are likely into the big cities, Paris, Bordeaux and Toulouse being most likely to affect readers in our area. The autoroute payage stations can generate long and slow queues. Add to that the prospect of very hot weather in some regions and it could be frustrating.
If motorists are tempted to travel at night the usual risks of tiredness apply, but gendarmes have been finding motorists driving well in excess of the speed limit. One foreign tourist was clocked at 190 kph on the A65. He was obliged to pay 750 euros for the release of his car, had his licence confiscated for 6 months and will appear before magistrates. Luckily his wife had a valid licence to get them en route.
Elsewhere in the Toulouse area drivers in three separate incidents were flashed at 102, 112 and 124 kph respectively of a 50 kph stretch. All had their licence confiscated and will appear in court.
Readers' families and guests embarking on the route back to the UK this weekend are advised where possible to leave early today, or wait until Sunday if possible.
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