Sunday, 6 August 2017

Real sundried tomatoes

Having seen recommendations everywhere to dry tomatoes in the oven and store in oil, last year someone suggested that I tried drying them in the local sunshine. So when temperatures are above 30°C that is what I do. Just cut them in half, de-seed them and sit them on a cake cooling rack on the terrace in full sunshine for a day, turning them over about half way through. Bring them in as it starts to get cooler and if you feel they are not dry enough put them out again the next day. 
If you are concerned about flys cover them with netting but I have not found them a problem.
Rather than store them in oil, store them in the freezer where they keep wonderfully for a year and are a low calorie snack.
I discovered a very unexpected and superb use this year when I mixed the remains of last years bag with some of last years home made tomato passata. The result was a thick and so tasty tomato sauce which could have been diluted to be hot or cold tomato soup or used as it was for a rich tomato sauce or base for a bolognaise sauce.
Val says sounds wonderful Ginny.