Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Chez Miquel restaurant Monteils near Najac

Hi Val
Apparently it has indeed been taken over by the owner of Longcol and here are some details and comments from a great friend who went there last week
Chez Miquel has become
O berges de L'Assou   (and that's a great big O)
Bar   Restautant   Traiteur   Vente a emporter
Chambres a Louer
Le Couderc  12200  Monteils
We had lunch on their covered terrace last week on the opening day of the restaurant.  
We four were very happy with the experience - and will certainly go again.  
4 aperitifs, 4 menus, 2  75cl carafes of rouge, 1 coffee and a small tip cost 80 euros
The food was very good indeed, and very generous. The vegetables were all fresh, everything was well prepared and the service was smiling.
Apparently they are on Facebook.