Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Every picture tells a story

Nothing goes to waste

Over this last year we have had money and donations to all our various charities and mountains of clothes and equipment for the refugees.
Malc and I, who could never be classed as ideal removal men have loaded up the trailer/ remorque and trundled round the countryside picking up useful items.
Do not worry nothing goes to waste. After we have checked if the items are useful or not to refugees we then with anything left try and sell privately, I have a lovely pair of pink boots size 4 given to refugees !! I paid into the kitty. Other friends have benefitted from large warm jumpers paying into the kitty! Then anything left goes to local charity shops raising money for their various causes.
It has taken up a lot of my time sorting and distributing, but it is so worthwhile.
Wonderful to see items having a second life, I have always been a second hand Rose.
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