Saturday, 10 December 2016

Self defence not "legitimate"

A tobacconist from Lavour (Tarn) shot and killed an intruder - having set up an alarm system as he suspected a break-in was imminent. The 17 year old lyceen was shot by Luc Fournié in December 2009, using his old hunting rifle. The tobacconist claimed he had fired in self-defence, but despite the original court being sympathetic he was sentenced to 7 years imprisonment. In the appeal hearing this week the prosecution asked the court to reject the legitimate self-defence argument, saying Fournié had prepared to shoot any intruder and did so without warning on an unarmed person.
Surprisingly the court actually increased the sentence to 10 years after hearing that self-defence can only be legitimate if the accused's life is actually under threat. Fournié may appeal to the highest court.
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