Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Santa has been

We started at 10 am, Caroline Mills, Sarah Brown, Caroline Kirk and Lindy Gander who coming from Pau arrived at 11am
What a fab! day we have had, the first 19 Christmas boxes sorted then Lindy arrived from Pau with plenty of things to fill boxes, empty boxes, lots of shoes and warm jackets and Christmas decorations.
We had made up 70 boxes by lunchtime, so after lunch we went to Bruniquel and left the presents ready for Christmas Eve and Santa's visit.
Then on to Realville to leave more to discover Olwyn Foot  who asked me if she could take her parcel directly there, had delivered 30 little packages and presents. Not only that she had taken in a game that the boys knew from Afghanistan and loved playing.
Olwyn Foot you are a star.
We had our drinks at Realville and a few laughs and then around 5 pm we set off home after a  very long day but one that passed so quickly with lots of laughs and fun.
Thank you ladies and if you have not done your parcel yet there are still plenty of young men needing a present from Santa with our thoughts.

I do not know how the others feel but I am knackered and poor Lindy has a four hour drive back to Pau