Thursday, 8 December 2016

BBC and their Brexit report

Hi Val
The BBC report on who voted for Brexit from which you list a “snippet” is itself only a snippet from the full research paper which shows for example that 26% of people with a degree voted leave as well as 50% of people with A levels.
Also 51% of people earning around the national average voted to leave.
75% of affluent Eurosceptics, who represent 23% of the population, voted to leave
95% of Economically Deprived, Anti Immigration voted to leave but they only represent 12% of the population.
Therefore it is inaccurate to blame Brexit on the undereducated and economically deprived working classes.
I recommend people read the full report before jumping to conclusions:
We voted Remain.
Best regards
John and Susan

Val says   somehow John that seems more worrying. As it is clear now that the vote was all about immigration it is a frightening thought that so many across the board voted to leave. We have a hard stuggle on our hands changing hearts and minds to be inclusive. Fortunately Malc and I are surrounded by like minded friends including yourselves John and  Susan who know helping and aiding people less fortunate than ourselves is the humanitarian way forward.
The amount of people who have found their way to us to make donations of help this year make me know that the 48% will prevail in the end.