Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Nous sommes le mercredi quatorze decembre

A lovely sunny start, well actually for me out in the fields with the donkeys it was a " moony" start.
The  full moon was just over the hills hanging in a blue sky, whilst over the opposite horizon the sun was rising.
I cannot hang about this morning as such a fun day planned. Caroline Mills who came up with the plan of Christmas boxes is coming with local friend Sarah and Lindy is driving up from Pau with lots more goodies to be packed for our refugees. Packing this morning for Realville and Bruniquel and then delivering this afternoon. We then have another 21 to make up another day for local refugees including our St.Antonin boys and others locally.
It is all your presents bought from donations we will be packing, thank you.
If you have not delivered yet do not worry we still have 21 to do.
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