Friday, 16 December 2016

A sad moment

We've just received an email telling us that the UK authorities have shut the door on a group of young kids whom the French transferred to a local centre near us. This is utterly shameful and a complete disgrace. The woman running the local centre now fears the kids will run away and attempt to get back to Calais.
I have just had a conversation with the only one of the young men who decided to stay in France and was moved to Bruniquel.
His young friends are still in Realville and he tells me they are now all planning on how to get back to Calais.
Tonight after a lovely night dancing with Soudanese guys at Charleys party I am back home with a heavy heart thinking of all the kids under 18 who now may try and get to the Uk again.
Apparently the French are now talking about bone density tests to establish the ages of the kids!
Where is our humanity?