Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Nous sommes le mardi treize decembre

A very frosty morning with ice on the donkeys water buckets, a watering can of hot water soon sorted that out.
No fog up here this morning so I had time to stop and stare. Still in pyjamas of course but wrapped up in a warm coat and wellies.
Just the nicest time of day with  a few moments after feeding the donkeys and scratching around their ears, to gaze with wonder at the view. It never ceases to amaze and each day, each season is different.
I am surrounded by silence now all the animals are fed.
Do rabbits hibernate ? as the night and morning playful rabbits seem to have disappeared, it must be hard hunting for foxes in the winter.
Enjoy your day and when you plan your walk, go to the hills and escape the fog.
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