Saturday, 17 December 2016

Goodbye Charley and staff and thank you

Well last night was really the end of an era with Charley leaving the restaurant and bar at Verfeil.
The night he organised to say thank you and good bye  to all his supporters was a super noisy night.
Charley worked the bar upstairs saying it was too noisy down stairs for him.
Me, I loved the music and danced till I was dragged home by Malc who prefers his music more subtle, never has been a head banger Malc.
The rooms were all full of supporters of all nationalities proving what a melting pot of  nationalities
Verfeil has become. Anais Rondeau who is a  villager and also the animatice in charge of the Bruniquel refugees brought over some of the young Sudanese men, who were welcomed by everyone.
A  night full of fun and laughter and I am sure it went on long after we left. It was also so dark with flashing lights my little phone struggled to take good photos.
It was a night for the young... the young of Verfeil, the future of the village.
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