Thursday, 3 January 2019

Who killed all the rabbits?

The village of Minihy-Treguier in Normandy has experienced the death of 62 rabbits over the last 9 months, but local villages have also suffered 60 losses. There is no sign of particular violence and the corpses are "lined up" outside the cages. Apparently even locked cages have been opened. Now the local gendarmes have published calls for information in local media and on-line.
Picture from gendarmerie Facebook page

Vets who have carried out autopsies are agreed that the rabbits are being killed by a dog and some locals agree that there are chasse dogs roaming the area. But more residents are convinced that it is human intervention and one person claims to have seen "a shadowy figure" shortly before finding his four rabbits dead - still warm.
The local newsagent says the mere mention of rabbits in a headline and all the copies of the paper are sold and the maire worries that a state of paranoia is building up in the area. Residents are locking doors and closing shutters, even locking their cars in the fear that the "serial killer" may progress from rabbits to larger prey.