Sunday, 13 January 2019

Au revoir Roger Bowen

Some sad news this morning.
We were called around 10 am by  the gendarmes to go down to the village where a friend and fellow “Britannique” Roger Bowen had been found dead. In his eighties and in poor health, he was  found by the visiting nurse. The Doctor puts it down to a “a malaise “ overnight.
He was out and about yesterday.
He had an estranged wife in the UK, who we have contacted.
Roger will be remembered for loving cricket, playing boules, being involved with his old Lancia cars and enjoying dining out with his lady friends
You will be missed by many Roger.
He wants his body to be taken back to the UK, but we are already taking about a memorial service here.

On his 80th birthday celebrating with friends at the Hirondelle at St. Cirq