Monday, 7 January 2019

It's not just us..

Most of us have friends who are part of the "snow birds"; those who close up their houses and head off to sunnier climes for the winter. Apartments in Spain; camping cars (motorhomes to us); flights to Florida. As well as those British compatriots who fly away there are many Dutch and German sun seekers, and it should be no surprise that over 30,000 French senior citizens load up their camping cars and take the road south.
Their main destination is Morocco, having the advantage of a country where French is widely spoken. And with many well equipped camp sites at the seaside Agadir and its surrounds take on a very French feel during the winter. They will be back with the swallows in the spring ready for 2019 and whatever vagaries that throws up - no worries about Brexit or Gilets jaunes for them - sounds tempting.