Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Welcome, bienvenue to Varen, Ludivine et Jean Sebastien

I hate to gloat that our village is Varen but we are a village that is rapidly trying to improve, improve what you may ask.
Well services for one thing. 
We have a great medical centre with Doctors,  nurses, physiotherapist, podologue, and a brilliantly friendly chemists'.
We have a children's school, a library.
A post office, bar, hairdresser, boulangerie.
A shop with new young owners who in the first days open have shown us the cut of their jib.
We have the most lively vibrant market which even in winter we get a great footfall through.
With numerous vegetable stalls, two at least bio, Estabuffette with her fab pastry, quiches and citron tarts, 
A fish man with stall to die for, we spend too much there each Saturday (we love fresh fish).
A meat van from Laguepie, great meat with a lovely man with his son.
The now famous Moulin de Varen who will reopen at the beginning of March, they do deserve a holiday
I could go on but I must then say with two shops open on Friday 15h to 17 h and 9 till 12 on market day the Varen friperie of Mains Tendues 82 is helping to change the face of the village.
It is our village and we are proud of it.