Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Happy New Year 2019

Taglines wishes its readers a Happy New Year - Bonne Année à tous nos lecteurs francophones.
As you will know 2018 was not the best year we have had with health and a serious lightning strike which caused a great deal of damage to Mas del Sol.
We planned a quiet New Year's Eve at home, but it was enlivened by a very frightened dog which came to our window about 9pm having been left outside by careless owners who had obviously gone out celebrating. She was clearly very agitated and once admitted refused to leave again. Eldo was obviously excited by this, but all our cats were very wary. Some firework detonations around midnight added to her panic. So she slept all night in our living room, being taken home to owners who appeared not to have missed her at 8am.
Now 2019 has arrived we hope things will improve and thank you all for your support during the last 12 months. We hope for good things for you all, and as the French say "surtout la santé".
One happy neighbours dog who seems to live outside.
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