Thursday, 3 January 2019

Good news for Lexos

Hi Val, firstly Happy New Year to you and Malc 
Secondly did you know that  train station at Cordes/Vindrac is closed to ticket buyers, but you can still go from there and buy tickets on the train.
Lexos now has a station master,  a delightful young lad who's english is perfect, on site on a daily basis.
You can't buy tickets but again buy on the train.
It's so nice to see the station at Lexos in use again. I was being nosy and looking through the window and surprised to see anyone at all, he came out and chatted while we waited for a friend. X
Malc says: it has been part of SNCF's plan to make Lexos the cross-over point for trains on the Toulouse -Figeac line and a couple of years ago a new southbound platform and line was added though not so far used. Perhaps this is the start of implementing the planned changes.