Sunday, 6 January 2019

Do you take down the Christmas decorations today?

Today, 6th December, is Epiphany, the Christian celebration of the Magi. Three wise men, often called kings, arrived in Bethlehem and were surprised to find that the star led them not to a palace, but to a stable. The gifts they brought may be the origin of us exchanging presents at Christmas.
Here in France there is the tradition of the "galette des rois", a round cake which contains a "feve" or "santon", usually a pot figurine and the person who finds the token can claim the golden crown and other favours.
In Spain the festival of "Reyes" is often more important than Christmas itself with the trappings of the nativity being exhibited everywhere.
In Britain we take "Twelfth Night" as the signal to take down our decorations and many of us will be hauling our Christmas trees off to the dechetterie this week, whereas here the French people may leave their trees, illuminations and decorations until at least the end of the month. Bonne année. (you can still say that apparently until January ends).