Friday, 4 January 2019

Is cheese good for you?

Obviously Wensleydale works wonders for Wallace and Gromit, but for the rest of us is a daily dose of Brie a good thing for our health? It seems that the Australian health authorities have been setting guide lines and French experts were asked for their views.
Not surprisingly all the dieticians consulted agreed that cheese is not a health risk, but like most dairy products can be beneficial. It is recommended that about 40 gms of cheese should be a daily maximum.. But as cheese contains salt and saturated fats it can be unhelpful in keeping a healthy heart, on the other hand it usually contains the bacteria which keep our bodies healthy as well as calcium for our bones. There are ethical questions surrounding the production of  dairy products, but that is not usually a dietary question, except for vegans.
The advice is to check the levels of salt, saturated fat and calcium when buying cheese (look at the labels of packaged cheeses to distinguish them) and choose the ones with least of the bad things and most of the good ingredients. Then consume in moderation.